Celebrity Corner 1
Celebrity Corner 2
New Stones

No Larynx
Baseball Shame
Cool Joe
One Lung
Rest In Peace
Earth & Breath

Skully's Choice
Can't Breathe
Lung Feast
Unsafe Atmosphere
Falling Apart

Six Against One
Many Butt's
Flush It
Your Club
In The Car

Cigarette Prison
Careless Butt
Life Or Death
Last Puff

Butt Picker
Marlbone Country
Beauty & The Beast
The Last Cigarette





No Smoking Gallery
Paintings by Albert Ortiz

Click each picture to move back and forth from thumbnail view to larger view.

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These paintings are copyright protected and are the sole property of Mr. Albert Ortiz. 
They are not to be used for commercial purposes without the permission of the artist. 
However, anyone is welcome to use any photograph for Educational Purposes Only.
Website: nosmokingart.tripod.com - Email: albel1-ortiz@cox.net

NoSmokingArt doesn't have any Prints or Posters for sale.  Should this
change in the future we will let you know.  Our thanks to those who have asked.






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